Club Photography Competition

Capture the essence of nature’s wonders through the lens of your camera and join the Garden Club Photographic competition. Unleash your creativity and let your photographs tell a captivating story of blooms, landscapes, and the delicate dance between light and foliage.



Meet us

Buderim War Memorial Hall
2 pm, 2nd Friday,  Feb. to Nov.

Call Us

0448 714 561 Club President


1. Competition months are February to September and November (October Garden Festival competition).
2. Entries to be photos taken anywhere in the world, by member competitor.
3. Three entries per member for each monthly competition.
4. Entries will be digital – size of image min.1mb and max.10mb. To be received by the end of each calendar month i.e., Jan 31st for February competition.
5. Rules are provided upon request, displayed on the noticeboard and on the website,
6. Points are awarded: 8 for First, 6 for Second, 4 for Third, 2 for VHR (very highly commended) and 1 for HC (highly commended). Judges’ decision is final.

Highest aggregate points will be awarded the Buderim Garden Club Perpetual Photography Trophy, at the November meeting, with presentations to 1st, 2nd & 3rd.


Monthly topics:


February Opens January 1, 2023, Closes: Midnight January 31, 2023, Subject:Closeup Single Flower. Results announced:10 February.

March Opens February 1, 2023, Closes: Midnight February 28, 2023, Subject: Garden Scene – Public or Private. Results announced:Friday, March 10.

April March 1, 2023, Closes: Midnight March 31, 2023, Subject: Art in the Garden. Results announced:14 April

May Opens April 1, 2023, Closes: Midnight April 30, 2023, Subject: Fungi, Algae, Moss on Rocks (local garden, countryside). Results announced:12 May.

June Opens May 1, 2023, Closes: Midnight May 31, 2023, Subject: Colours of Autumn / Red, gold, orange etc. Results announced:9 June.

July Opens June 1, 2023, Closes: Midnight June 30, 2023, Subject: Remnants of Flower / Seed Head. Results announced:14 July.

August Opens July 1, 2023, Closes: Midnight July 31, 2023, Subject: Any flower – Black and White menium. Results announced:11 August.

September Opens August 1, 2023, Closes: Midnight August 31, 2023, Subject:Australian Flora / Grasses. Results announced:September 8.

October October Closes: BGC Flower Festival / five classes Subject: TBA Results announced:1Festival opens Friday.

November Opens October 1, 2023, Closes: Midnight October 31, 2023 Subject:Christmas Theme / Red and Green. Results announced:10 November.