Club Photography Competition

Capture the essence of nature’s wonders through the lens of your camera and join the Garden Club Photographic competition. Unleash your creativity and let your photographs tell a captivating story of blooms, landscapes, and the delicate dance between light and foliage.



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Buderim War Memorial Hall
2 pm, 2nd Friday,  Feb. to Nov.

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0448 714 561 Club President



1. Competition months are February to September and November (October Garden Festival competition).
2. Entries to be photos taken anywhere in the world, by member competitor.
3. Three entries per member for each monthly competition.
4. Entries will be digital – size of image min.1mb and max.10mb. To be received by the end of each calendar month i.e., Jan 31st for February competition.
5. Rules are provided upon request, displayed on the noticeboard and on the website,
6. Points are awarded: 8 for First, 6 for Second, 4 for Third, 2 for VHR (very highly commended) and 1 for HC (highly commended). Judges’ decision is final.

Highest aggregate points will be awarded the Buderim Garden Club Perpetual Photography Trophy, at the November meeting, with presentations to 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Additional Information: This year we are including an additional section to the competition. If you would like to add a 50 word story to your entry, it could be judged the story of the month. The best story would be selected from all the entries received for the particular monthly competition.

Remember we also have our Convenor’s choice, so the 2024 competition has a lot to offer! Take up the challenge!

2024 Photographic Competition Dates and Topics:


February  Jan 31 Close-up of Flower 9th February Ensure all parts of your flower are intact. 
March Feb 29 Texture 8th March Can be bark, veins on leaf tree roots, (but not whole tree/bush) 
April Mar 31 Cacti or Succulent 12th April 
May Apr 30 Fungi, Algae, Moss on rocks 10th May Can be found in local garden or countryside 
June May 31 Colours of Autumn 14th June 

Rust, yellow, red and brown colours. 

Ensure your images are in line with the season of Autumn. 

July June 30 Remnants of flowers 12th July Ensure you select remnants of flowerheads/seed heads 
August July 31 Visitors to the Garden 9th August 

Ensure the image captures the ‘visitor’ as the main subject – avoid too much background and distractions. 

Study the behaviour of butterflies and have your camera ready for when they settle on a flower. Try locating caterpillars (they are slower than butterflies!) – but try and get up close! Practise makes perfect! 

September Aug 31 Australian Flora 13th Sept Grevillea’s, banksia’s and more 
October No program Annual FESTIVAL Remember if you entered an image last year in the Festival, you can’t enter it again. 
November Oct 31 Christmas Theme Red and Green 8th November Read the topic thoroughly – reference to Christmas and Red and Green colours – include all segments of topic! 

**Important Notice**

To uphold the integrity and standards of our ‘category’ specifications, we carefully review each entry. Please note that submissions not aligning with the criteria will be respectfully declined. This approach is adopted to streamline the evaluation process, ensuring efficiency for both the judge and administrative volunteers. Should your entry be ineligible, we will promptly inform you, offering an opportunity to submit an alternative that meets the requirements. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.