Buderim Garden Club Meetings


Join us at 2 pm on the second Friday in February through to November.


Buderim War Memorial Hall, on the corner of Main Street and Church Street (adjacent to Buderim Village Park). There is usually ample parking around the back.


Meetings focus on education, through discussion and interaction with informative guests and member speakers. The aim is to build a strong community through positive social communication.

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The BGC Management Committee  2024
President: John Lyon
Treasurer: Anne Leach
Secretary: Kim Bendall
Vice-president: Mike Sax

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Meet us

Buderim War Memorial Hall
2 pm, 2nd Friday,  Feb. to Nov.

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0448 714 561 Club President

Committee Members:

New Life Members

Honouring massive commitment to the Club
The Club recently welcomed two new life members, which calls for celebration. Teddy Gove and Ken Evans, both from left, were honoured for their excellent club services.

In addition to overseeing the Seed Bank, Ken Evans was a regular participant in the Buderim Garden Festival. Teddy Gove has long given to the Club’s Shedders organisation, aiding in the upkeep of the Buderim neighbourhood. As a previous president, Teddy has contributed her expertise in the competition sections. At the Club’s annual general meeting, president John Lyon welcomed the couple to the ranks of life members.

Life Member Honour Roll

2023 Mr Ken Evans
2023 Mrs Mariette (Teddy) Gove
2019 Mrs Helen Wallace
2019 Michael Walsh
2018 Lindsay Robertson
2016 Robin Porter
2015 Laurel & Peter Asimus
2006 Hans & Marjorie Van Roy
2002 Mrs. Barbara Sherstone
2001 Marie & Reg Gibson

1999 Barbara & Ern Tozer
1996 Mrs. Rita Eaton
1994 Shirley & Stuart Wallace
1992 Mrs. Grace Tolson
1991 Mrs. J. Debnam
1991 Mrs. B. Vanderhooft
1989 Mrs Gwyneth Sadgrove
1989 Mr. Robert Sadgrove
1986 Mrs. B. Topham
1986 Mrs. Ida Innes

1986 Mrs. Evie McIntosh
1986 Mr. Geoff Drury
1984 Mrs. Nelva Russell
1983 Mrs. Dorothy Nuttall
1983 Mrs. Dorothy Bond
1982 Mrs. Vicki Ham
1981 Mrs. Mollie Cameron
1980 Mrs. Olive Wagner