Club Cut Flowers Competition

That beautiful bloom should be shared with the Club! Display it in the Club Competition and share the beauty with your fellow members and maybe win some accolades.

Meet us

Buderim War Memorial Hall
2 pm, 2nd Friday,  Feb. to Nov.

Call Us

0448 714 561 Club President

Competition months are February to October. Entries are restricted to 2 per member in any Class, with a maximum of 10 entries per member in each monthly competition.

Results published on the Official Buderim Garden Club facebook Page

Entries must be placed for judging before 1.45 p.m.
Helpers are to assist members in preparing exhibits, please ask.


  1. Rose – single stem.
  2. Single flower (any variety).
  3. Single stem, multiple flowers (any variety).
  4. Container of flowers, (minimum 6 stems 1 variety).
  5. Flower from a shrub (other than a native).
  6. Flower from a vine (other than a native).
  7. One stem of bract (e.g., bougainvillea, poinsettia).
  8. Rhizomes and tubers.
  9. Orchids.
  10. Cut of foliage, leaf, or piece.
  11. Single stem native with one or more flowers.
  12. Camellias, azaleas, bulbs, and hibiscus when in season.
  13. Any potted plant in flower.

If there is only 1 entry in a particular section, it will be placed in another appropriate section at the discretion of the table manager.

The judges’ decisions are final.

Points are awarded: 3 for First and 1 for Second.
Highest aggregate points in Classes 1-13 will be awarded the Buderim Garden Club Perpetual Trophy, at the November Meeting. The Winner & Runner-up will be awarded with a gift and trophy.