Buderim Garden Festival!

Buderim bursts into Spring!

Every year in October, as the sun-kissed landscapes of Buderim burst forth with a Springtime kaleidoscope of colours, scents, and textures, the Buderim Garden Festival emerges as a testament to the region’s rich horticultural heritage and the dedication of its passionate gardeners.

Flower Show Procedure for Exhibitors - Download PDF

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Spring Flower & Photographic Shows

  Placement of an entry into the Flower & Photography Shows is Free for Buderim Garden Club (BGC) members. 

Non-members can submit entries Free into the Flower Show, but entries into the Photography Show for Non-members will be subject to a $2 fee for each photo entered.

Conditions of Show Entry and Rules for the Spring Flower & Photographic Shows are detailed in the Show Schedule.

Comp Details

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2023 was a big year and we are aiming to build on that success with an even bigger and better, blooming festival!

Experience the Enchantment of Buderim Garden Festival!

In 2024 the 75th Buderim Garden Festival will present an explosion of horticultural wonders, aiming to build on the  record-breaking crowd from October 2023! 

This landmark 75th event, will proudly show off Buderim’s best gardens and breathtaking flower arrangements, captivating the hearts of green thumbed visitors across the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland.

John Lyon, the president of the Buderim Garden Club, proudly articulated the town’s enduring love affair with gardening, which continues to foster a sense of unity and tradition.

 “The festival has become a beacon, attracting a myriad of visitors from across the state, each basking in the stunning diversity of beautiful gardens that our area is renowned for,” John Lyon said.

Marion Upston, the festival’s photography coordinator, painted a vibrant picture of the club’s dynamic community. 

“We are a blossoming group of around 250 members, each united by a profound admiration for gardening in its myriad forms,” she shared. 

Echoing this sentiment, the festival emanates a spirit of inclusivity and camaraderie, where each member and visitor contributes to the event’s blooming success.

Through a confluence of lush landscapes, botanical brilliance, and a waterfall of community support, the 2024 Buderim Garden Festival will shine as a crowning jewel in the cultural calendar of the Sunshine Coast, celebrating 75 glorious years of gardening excellence and community spirit.

Plants for sale
Friday Night Market


Artwork on show
Sculptured Gardens


Buderim gardener showcase
Open gardens


Our Signature Event

This is the Club’s signature event with markets, displays, competitions and open gardens, spanning three days.

Whether you are a green-thumb enthusiast, an plant aficionado, or simply seeking a rejuvenating wander through beautiful gardens, the festival promises an memorable experience that resonates with nature’s resplendent tapestry and human ingenuity.

Over Three Big Days


Friday Twilight Plant Market

Outside the Buderim Memorial Hall from 3pm – 7pm, pick up fresh new plants of every variety, to give your garden and home a new look for Spring.

From 4pm we open the Spring Flower Show and Photographic Display in the Hall too!


Saturday & Sunday Plant Markets & much more

If getting in early on friday evening is not your thing, we have stalls and displays open in the grounds outside the Hall. Satiate  your green-thumbs and grab some new Spring colour. Feast your eyes on the spectacular entries in the Flower Show and more inside the Hall.

In the Craft Cotttage, the Sculptured Garden exhibition showcases the talents of local artists, with much art and craft for sale.

Across in the Anglican Church is a divinely-inspired Floral Display, open to the public.


Local Garden Showcase

Purchase a ticket and gain entry to Open Gardens around the Buderim Mountain, where you can discover design ideas and horticultural secrets of the region’s best gardeners.

The ticket gives you access to all areas of the festival including the gardens. Numbers are limited, so it makes sense to pre-order yours asap. Click the link below.

Our local gardeners work hard to produce plants and photos that will score them accolades and trophies each year. We publsih the details on our Facebook page, but here’s a couple of snaps showing that winners are grinners in 2023!