Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

The Buderim Garden Club was founded in 1946 and has served as the social hub of Buderim's green-thumbed community and flora lovers for three quarters of a century!

At the monthly meetings in the Buderim War Memorial Hall, we welcome visitors and offer membership to residents of Buderim and adjoining districts.


We work in affiliation with organisations such as Garden Clubs of Australia Inc., Queensland Council of Garden Clubs, Friends of the Maroochy Regional Botanic Garden and BWMCA.

Our patron is Majorie Van Roy of Manawee Plant Nursery.

Buderim the Garden Town

The mountain has seen myriad changes since it was established as the Coast's original settlement. Moving from a resource of timber and farm produce, the urbanisation saw many beautiful gardens appear in the rich volcanic soil of the plateau. 

The 360 degree views once heralded as a feature of Buderim's gardens in years past may have gone, but the heart of the gardener still beats strong and the Mountain is home to many diehard garden enthusiasts.

A key tenet of the Buderim Garden Club is the maintain and enhance the beauty of Buderim through gardens and flora.

If you are of a similar mindset, please consider joining our Club. As a garden lover you will learn much and can contribute to the efforts of our community organisation.

Meet the Committee

The management of the Club is done by volunteers elected at the AGM.

In the Community

To beautify Buderim is a core objective  and we are very active in the community.

Buderim Garden Festival

This is our showcase event where we celebrate Spring on Buderim Mountain.


We are active !

Membership is $30 to join and $15 annually and this entitles you to be involved in monthly meetings that are filled with activities and fellowship.

Join Us!

Become a member of the Buderim Garden Club.

If you are interested in Buderim and all things botanical, we would love to have you involved with our happy and active group.

Membership is renewed on or before the October meeting. No charge for monthly meetings.