Buderim Garden Club

Buderim Garden Club

buderim garden festival brought the rain!

The Buderim Garden Festival definitely happened over the week-end, the 14th and 15th October around the Buderim War Memorial hall, Main St., Buderim. 
It not only rained, it poured, but gardeners were very happy to put up their umbrellas and wander around our Festival.

The Quality Plant Market growers  appreciated the rain , although 2 stalls lost their marques which collapsed under the weight of water on Saturday night.  We can weather the storms as we appreciate some rain at long last!

Enquiries for the Buderim Garden Festival can be directed to president John Lyon on  54765615, or the club phone of 0448 714 561

Festival photos are under the drop down headings of "Festival" and also "Photos"

The Club can be contacted at any time via email on: [email protected]

club activities

Commence at 2:00 p.m. on the second Friday of each month, February to November in the Buderim War Memorial Hall.
Guest Speakers: Cover a wide range of topics of interest to members.
Member Speakers: Most months one of our members gives us some great tips on gardening or talks about gardening ideas and gardens they might visit.
Flower Competition. Entry details explained on another web page. Members are responsible for arranging their exhibits in Club bottles and jars which are provided.
Library: Members are welcome to borrow books on various garden topics, the latest gardening magazines and dvds of garden interest.
Afternoon Tea: The club supplies coffee, tea, milk and sugar. Members are asked to bring a plate of food to share and their own coffee mug.
Plant Expert: Horticultural specialist, Gerry Kortekaas, available to give advice.
Quality Plant Stall: At each meeting a quality plant stall is conducted by club members. Other members may sell up to 2 quality plants per meeting with 10% commission from all sales donated to the club.
Seed Bank: See Ken Evans for information regarding the sharing and distribution of seeds to members.

Management Committee members for the following year are elected at the AGM held at 2:00pm on the second Friday in November in the Buderim War Memorial Hall.

Management Committee members meet at 9:00 am on the first Tuesday of each month. The current Management Committee members are listed on the COMMITTEE page of this website.

The Festival will be on the weekend of 14th and 15th October in 2017.
A Spring Flower Show in the Buderim War Memorial Hall will feature competitive displays for flowers, container plants, novelty displays, Children's sections and photography and is open to members and the public. The detailed schedule and publicity information are now on this website, under the heading Festival.
Market stalls will sell garden products on the adjacent lawns, including a club plant stall and members are asked to contribute plants, suitably labelled. Seven Open Gardens In Buderim will be presented for public viewing.

buderim garden club activities


Hands on gardening is enjoyed informally in members' gardens, sharing local knowledge, members' experience, plant cuttings, and a cuppa at the end of the morning. Workshops are announced at monthly meetings with a reminder sent via email.


A group of Club volunteers care for the gardens surrounding the Buderim War Memorial Hall, and also around the old Buderim Post Office. They meet on every third Friday from 4:00 pm.


Day coach tours are organised throughout the year to special gardens, garden events, nurseries and local placers of interest. Details are announced at monthly meetings and are published in the Newsletter or on the Website under Tours.


Monthly maintenance of this garden are our tribute to the famous Australian landscape gardener, Edna Walling, who lived in Buderim in the later years of her life. Maintenance of this garden are shared by club volunteers and the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and are held on the third Tuesday 6:00 am when the days are longer and 6:30 am when the days get shorter.


Issued four times a year the Newsletter contains details of meeting venues, speakers, forthcoming events, garden workshops, tours and other items of interest to members.


Information about all Garden Club events can be found on this Club website. 

The Facebook page is for sharing photos, articles, gardening from our local area and club activities. It is accessible as the 1st Link in the FB & Link menu on the top ribbon.

Members who do not wish images of themselves to be included in the Club's electronic or printed media must advise the photographer and the club secretary.